Safety is Delaware Boring Contractors number one priority. We are focused on providing a safe work environment for all personnel in every aspect of the workplace.

We believe all accidents can be prevented and safety is an integral part of everyone’s job.

Our management and field employees are responsible for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety as one of our core value at all times.

Our providing a safe working environment for our employees and customers is accomplished through our having a comprehensive safety policy coupled with both robust safety training and safety compliance programs.

Delaware Boring Contractors Safety | Safety Policy

Delaware Boring Contractors Safety | Safety Policy

Safety Policy

All our projects are subject to regular safety audits.

Drilling crews are required to follow a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) procedure which Delaware Boring Contractors has expanded to total job analysis and is reviewed each day crews are on site.

Supervisors are evaluated based on their safety records and the safety records of the employees they supervise.

We require employees to actively participate in internal safety training and service programs relevant to their employment and complete any training programs required by law or relevant to the specific project.

Adhere to a strict drug policy where employees are subject to pre-employment and random drug screens.

Delaware Boring Contractors has comprehensive insurance coverage that includes commercial general liability, any automobile, hired automobile, non-owner automobile, and umbrella liability.

Delaware Boring Contractors Safety | Safety Training

Delaware Boring Contractors Safety | Safety Training

We train all workers and employees in our proven in-house safety program which is comprised in part of the following:

3 to 4 day New Hire Orientation (NHO)

Competent Person

Comprehensive Job Site Safety Observations

Confined Space

Construction Management

Damage Prevention

DOT & CSA Training

Employee Development (Crew Leader, Foreman Training, HDD Operator Training and Estimating)

First Aid, CPR, AED Training

Forklift Training

Hazard Communications

Job Hazard Analysis

Ladders and Scaffolding

Personal Protective Equipment

Slips, Trips and Falls

Trench Excavation Safety

Work Zone safety

Working and Walking Surfaces

Delaware Boring Contractors Safety | Safety Compliance

Delaware Boring Contractors Safety | Safety Compliance

To achieve our safety compliance goals, dedicated staff members are assigned to ensure internal safety procedures are followed.

We follow all known state and federal safety compliance laws and regulations.

We achieve continuous safety compliance through:

Provision of appropriate and well maintained equipment.

Provision of appropriate tools and supplies.

Timely and task specific communication and direction.

Thorough training through application of our Field Level Risk Assessment Tool. (FLRAT)

Identification and review of task execution steps.

Identification and review of hazards/risks associated with task execution.

Identification and review of procedures to eliminate and or control hazards.

Control of the workspace.

Identification of hazards and organizational requirements through scheduled tours of the job site.

Use of Hazard ID tools in listing hazards and organizational requirements identified during